My guess is you’re reading this because you want to change something about your life but can’t quite make it happen. Perhaps you have a dependency that is holding you back. Maybe you would like greater success in life but do not know how to get there or identify what it is.

Ask yourself … Is this you?

Do you participate in unhealthy relationships and feel under valued?
Are you concerned about your eating and drinking habits?
Do you worry about where your next penny is coming from?
Do you find yourself asking ‘Is this all there is to my life?’
Do you feel your life is not your own and it is being controlled by others?

If you can answer yes to any of the above then you are right where you are meant to be which is here and now. This could be the day you decide to take back control of your life. For the last 10 years I have studied, learned and battled with the pessimist in my mind and I’m delighted to tell you I am a conqueror! It is now time to share HOW with you.

With optimism, Warmly Maria


Headshot Photo Of Maria Lynch Life Coach
Hello there, I’m Maria and I’m the one you will work with to make that change happen. I’m here to help you in your quest to improve your life. What that improvement is is entirely up to you but it’s my job to help you see and understand your circumstances.

I have developed a relationship with my Optimist, my true inner being. We all have access to our true inner being and I have found there is no better way to experience a fruitful abundant life. My Optimist and I have co-created a programme called the M7. This is a spiritual circular road where you will learn to outwit the pessimist in your mind and truly be a conquerer. This creation has been developed through my years of personal experience and was not learned by just reading a self help book.

What does a conqueror look like?
Your Optimist wants you to have healthy relationships.
Your Optimist wants you to eat and drink with ease and enjoyment.
Your Optimist wants you to have a healthy bank account.
Your Optimist wants you to experience abundance in all areas of your life.
Your Optimist cares that you are happy and free.

It can be tough finding that Optimist in you. Here’s a little message from me to you …


The beating heart of my services is a programme for living called the M7. Here you will find details on how you access the M7 circular road and start to make the rest of your life journey with love, peace, joy and freedom. The M7 is made up of 7 junctions:

1. Moan – Become vulnerable and admit what you no longer want in your life
2. Meditate – Learn to quieten your mind by identifying the place where your heart and mind meet and connect with your loving Optimist
3. Manifest – Having made room for new ideas, plan confidently and watch your true desires become your reality
4. Mastery – Master the Optimistic Waltz by revisiting the first 3 junctions on a daily basis, in your every day challenges, and reduce the manifestation time
5. More – Ask for more when you revisit the first 3 junctions with ease and less effort
6. Magnify – Allow your biggest dreams to manifest
7. Mean – What does it all mean? Why am I doing it? To keep what you have received and to receive more and more by giving to others with gratitude

There are four service stations on the M7 programme:

Photo of two people talking in a sunset

121 Life Coaching

(Junctions 1,2 & 3)
A 6 week programme that consists of 6 weekly 90 minute sessions
Photo of a group holding leaves

Meditation & Mastermind Groups

(Junctions 1,2 & 3)
A 6 week programme that offers both 121 and group sessions
Photo of group around a fire in a remote location

Tours & Retreats

(Junctions 4 to 7)
A trip to gorgeous Galway for a few days either 121 or as a group
Photo of group in sunset

The M7 Package

(All Junctions)
Enroll on the M7 package that offers all services of the M7 programme


Photo of an event with bouquets of flowers on table

‘Conversation With The Optimist’

Join me for a ‘Conversation With The Optimist’ event where I share a high level insight into the M7 programme.
Early bird registrations cost a reduced price £35.00.

Next Event
Date: TBC
Location: TBC


I met Maria Lynch in mid-2017 through business networking. I was immediately impressed by her presence in the business meeting. She has a natural energy and enthusiasm that radiates wherever she goes. She really is a true optimist and this comes across all the time.

Maria held a number of 121 meetings with me to understand my background and my situation. It quickly became apparent that Maria is not like some other life or business coaches that I have met.

Maria has the ability to get to the core of the problems. She will help you face up to the real issues in your life that are causing feelings of disappointment, unhappiness and frustration. Most coaches will give you advice and leave it at that. Maria made sure that I understood the importance of action as well as thought.

I attended a regular series of meetings that Maria ran and this provided the platform for me to face up to the things that had held me back from enjoying life and progressing in business.

Thanks to Maria’s help, I was able to see the issues that I had in both my personal and business life.

It is not an understatement to say that Maria’s helpful coaching has been life-changing for me. As a result of working with Maria, I have now tackled deep rooted concerns. I have made substantial changes in my life. I think more positively!

Thank you Maria for freeing my inner optimist! I feel empowered to put my dreams into action. I am enjoying life again and moving forward in my business life.

I would highly recommend working with Maria to enable you to fulfil your potential and to enjoy life.

Paul Rivers

Company Director


How much do you want to change and make your life better?

If you really want it the M7 can make that happen, but only with your fullest commitment. You have mine, I promise you. This is what it MEANS to me. I love spending time at junction 7. I will love helping you. Be Optimistic and join the M7.