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E&S Spray Foam Solutions provides an affordable high quality polyurethane spray foam insulation service. The company, based in the Midlands, specialises in insulating boats and buildings at unbeatable prices. Spray on polyurethane foam is an ideal way to insulate narrow boats and buildings. The spray foam insulation will reduce heating costs, eliminate condensation problems and improve overall comfort. E&S Spray Foam Solutions use the latest equipment and technology and are focused on customer satisfaction and value through exceptional service. Get in touch with us for a chat regarding your requirements. We’d be happy to come out and see you and provide a quote.



From your initial enquiry we provide a no obligation survey and quote. This involves coming out to see you at a time of your convenience. We discuss the job with you covering all the areas and requirements from pre-spraying, the spraying process to the aftercare of the job and guarantees, answering any questions you have. Should you choose to go ahead we arrange a date for your job, at your convenience, with confirmation in a written quote. 

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E&S Spray Foam Solutions directors have over ten years of boat building experience, so we can boast considerable skill in the building and maintenance of steel hulled boats. This is why we recommend spray foam insulation. We are easy to contact, highly responsive to customer needs and highly reliable. We use the US Greco spraying machines to do the Job which allows us to provide a hassle-free guarantee for your job. Along with the best technology we have a pragmatic style that ensures that we can troubleshoot any potential problems so that you are completely satisfied with your new insulation.



Many people have a lot of questions regarding Spray Foam Insulation. We’ve endeavoured to answer a number of these here. Contact us if you have any questions.

What Is Spray Foam Insulation?

Polyurethane spray foam insulation is one of the most versatile forms of insulation available. Spray foam can be used for many different types of applications including boats and buildings. It has a continuous membrane that can bond to almost any structure and can cling to voids and curves unattainable to other forms of insulation. Spray foam provides the most efficient insulating available. It weatherproofs and stabilises structures thereby extending the life of the unit being sprayed.

Applied in liquid form, the material expands to the required thickness then sets in a rigid foam, giving a continuous, thermal barrier, which eliminates draughts and condensation problems, saving energy and costs. Just 30mm of spray foam will reduce all condensation and cold spots, It has the most efficient insulation ratings of any insulation on the market.

Why Use Polyurethane Spray Foam?

Spray on polyurethane foam is an ideal way to insulate narrow boats and buildings. Spray foam boat insulation can offer boat owners, builders and enthusiasts many benefits including:

  • Keeping boats warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Eliminating and preventing condensation
  • No cutting or fixing required – foam adheres directly to the surface
  • Reduces external and vibration noise
  • Water resistance 
How Is Spray Foam Insulation Different To Other Methods?

Polyurethane Spray foam is different to traditional rock wool and boarded insulation as, the foam is sprayed directly onto the inside of the hull and adheres to most surfaces. The advantage of this is that there is no air gap between the metal/wooden shell and the insulation. This means that condensation cannot form behind the insulation and erode the metal or rot the wood.
As the foam is sprayed, it expands which makes it perfect for getting into voids, curves and under battens forming a superior adhesive barrier of insulation. The sprayed foam cures within minutes as it contains separate pockets of gas which slows down the movement of heat through the foam, as well as creating a continuous rigid foam, `moisture free` closed cell structure.
Foam insulation has a major advantage, as it can achieve maximum coverage on all surfaces, as the foam expands and fills gaps not usually accessible by traditional insulation methods, such as sheet insulation and rock wool. Spray foam is sprayed onto the inside of the surface whereas sheet insulation and rock wool must be accurately cut to size and fitted, leaving gaps and joins in the insulation. The thickness depends on the level of insulation required, and for most applications, 30mm sprayed on to the inside of the boat or building allows, the foam to fit neatly between the battens and deliver valuable space savings required in most boats, while also being sufficient to insulate your boat throughout.



Got any questions? Drop us a line. We’d love to come out and see you and provide a quote.

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